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i post my paintings here dan my daily drawings here :D
and, here is my random blog post :)
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Happily (N)ever After

An Exhibition by Amalia Kartika Sari (Loveshugah)

15 April 2010 (Opening @ 6 PM) - 6 May 2010

Kemang Icon Art Space

Jl. Kemang Raya 1 Jakarta Selatan

dateng yaaaaaa :D

there will be big paintings and installations, this is what i've been doing for so long since i graduated, thats why i havent upload anything to my dA gallery :D

see you there
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LVU RAMADHAN SALE. these ubercool tees are available for only Rp.50.000 each, for online purchase only and until 1 october 2009. so you better go order noooooow, people!

untuk pemesanan :

sms ke 08996864773

ketik <nama> <alamat> <kode brg> <size> <jumalah barang yang di beli>

*indonesia only :D

see the stuffs here :…
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Cant believe that i finally finished my final project, yeh yeh yeaaah :shakefist:
got A for that thing and will be graduated on 18th july.

i'm not planning to apply for 9-5 office job soon since i'm preparing my solo exhibition,
but still doing the freelancing stuff for extra $$$ hahaha,*so just note me if you want me to do any commission :flirty:

i also submit my "family tree" deviation to threadless… and you can vote it now :D

oh, and my solo exhibition will be february 2010, next year, so i shud work hard startin from now, making huge paintings, sculpture, toys, installation, etc

good luck for me and for all of you :D
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hi guys how are youu?

i'm doing my final project at school, but somehow i still have a lot of time to waste, hahahaha :shakefist:  my project is a children book, interactive one with pop-up and pull a tab thingies :D

i also made my own paypal account to make easier commission payment   . i used western union before, never been a problem to me - easy and fast - , but some clients just dont like it, hahaha. dunno why. but now i have paypal, shud be no more problemo then. so you want me to do some monsters for you??? :flirty: come come to mama monsta,baby hahahahah

oh and there's someone offer me to do my solo exhibition. YAY! and i'm so interested. i havent meet the man who offered me, maybe next week or the week after, when i'm done with my final project preview.

wish me luck :)
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yay, i got my design printed by! and it's only $10,
very cheap, huh? specially for you guys outside indonesia, buy 'em all!!!!!!!!!!
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(indonesia only, sowwy :yum: )
crazy creatures sale, i shud let them go from LVU closet,
they want to live on your body, buy and wear them all!!!!!

buy 1, get it for 65.000
buy 2, get them for 120.000
buy 3, get them all for 165.000
buy 4, get them all for only 200.000!!

which one are for sale???


1. DNA…

we still have : M=5 L= 3 XL=1


we still have : M=0 (out of stock, sowwy :( ) L=2 XL=1


we still have : M=1 L=2 XL=1

4. YEEHA (M)…

we still have : XL=1


we still have : L=1


we still have : M=1 XL=1


1. YEEHA (F)…

we still have : L=1


we still have : S=1 M=3 L=3 XL=2


we still have : M=1


send me a note, ataaaau

send SMS to: YURRA 08996864773


Baju yg dipesan:
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hey how are you doin guys?

just back from my holiday backpacking trip to singapore.
now i'm wasting a lot of time and havent do any new artworks.
but being busy editing pictures since i found some interesting photo editing tutorial from DA.
i even made a new flickr account for my photos, please take a look
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hey guys!
been bz doing my school tasks lately.

get stressed with all the paper i shud write, while i'm not good at writing at all. hahaha

hmm hmm, then i try to find out something that can refresh me

well, no. not pills.

but i decided to make stickers, from the tiny ones for cellphones, the small ones that you can stick everywhere, and finally the wall art, supa big sticker to redecorate your room..

i will use some of them for LVU (my clothing brand) promotional items, and some of them for fun. i'm going to give the little stickers for free, for everyone who buys my tees. well i planned to sell some sticker pack and wall art, but still dont have the time to prepare them all.

maybe next year, january.

enjoy! :heart: u all.
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hey all!

have you check my newest t-shirt?
find out here…

if you want to order, just note me.

i'm sorry for ppl outside indonesia who wants to buy my tees, i'd like to send the tees but seems the shipping costs much more than the tee itself. but if thats not such a problemo, then note me a noooote baby!

i also submit this owly design… to infectious laptop art

pls gimme some love…

thx :hug: :heart: :hug: :heart:
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planning next holiday.

doing school tasks.

and i'm open for commissions :heart:

note me a note :yum:
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good news first :D

i made a blog for me and yurra's very own clothing line : loveshugahlovesyou (LVU)

you can check our collections at :heart:

well, and then a lil' bad news, i got my design ripped off by someone i dont know, o7addict told me that she saw a guy on the tv wearing a t-shirt, with my monster tee… design on it - while i dont produce that tees in guy sizes :(
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cant wait!!!!!!!!

i'll be back to my daily life soooooooon!

:date: :stereo: :relax: :teevee: :typerhappy: :sleep: :w00t:

baby i'm comin' back home!!!!!!:XD:


bye bye internship bye bye jakarta :nana:
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i :heart: freelancing much much more.


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hey everyone!!!!
the production of my newest t-shirt has done!
you can check at………

note me if you want to buy some
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happy birthday to me!
i'm 21 years old since april17th last week.  :party:

well, my bf give me a lot of birthday surprise, including a ring  :happycry:

i had a nice week but i was too much playing around, lazy going to school and dont have any mood to do my school tasks . oh and a lot of :blownose: every day.

but i've finished my portfolio. and i'm going to jakarta on June for internship at kineto graphic house.

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hello world :D
kinda busy this week doing a lot of school i cant update the mcnw page these days.
and since i'll have to create a portfolio i need some extra jobs to be added.
well, i did a lot of t-shirt graphic design but now i need some other design job like poster, invitation, logo, etc.
and i'd love to do collaboration too.
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horraaaaaay..... so happy to find out that some ppl have finished their chocola!
here is the link of their works


and some ppl finished the artworks for MCNW too

but the last two artworks not follow the rules so i cant upload them on MCNW page :(

thanks everyone for participating.

and i'll be waiting for more artworks :D
Make Characters Not War is a new project about character design. Soon will be featuring character designers, toys, icons, fashions, events and everything about character designs all over the world. Make Characters Not War is also a campaign to bring peace, get everyone started to create a character than starting a war.

Since it's newly started, this project really need your contribution.

If you want to be a part of Make Characters Not War Project then you can create an artwork (500x500 pixel) about this project, with “Make Characters Not War” written on the artwork and then you can place Make Characters Not War Logo…

you can customize chocola, the main character of this project…

all of your submission will be uploaded to the MCNW site

hope you all would like to participate this fun project :D

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here is my first submission for DBH,
please help me by vote the designs if you like it :D…

and i've already updated the MCNW blog, check it out

now you can custom main character of this project,…
it's another way to participate the project

its :iconchuma:'s artworks.he made great artworks for this project :D
so who's next?